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clan wars
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30th Jul 2014

This comment was posted in the super cell forum. I guess the last update, which coincides with our sucky hogs and losing streak, messed a little with the matching system. Although I am not convinced that trophies have absolutely nothing to do with war matching, I am looking forward to finding out next week with our war experiment.

This is what was posted, not by me.

Trophies have nothing to do with match making. Clans are matched by the total of their defence and offence and then averaged for clan so farmers get the short end of the stick because walls count against them. Walls do not make up the difference against a higher TH. The clan with a bunch of guys who went to TH 10 with good troops and def but medium lvl walls will beat a clan full of maxed th9 and 8s.The best way to get a favorable war match is to have half the clan decent lvl guys and the rest new players the weaker and newer the better this way you skew your averages down. If half your clan eligible for war can 3 star in both their attacks you will sweep the other clan.With each update Supercell sticks it to farmers, we don't want to pay to play. They entice the kiddies and the short cited into pre upgrading their TH in the hopes that they will become desperate enough to buy some gems to catch up.Fight the power my Brothers! War is a shiny object to distract you along your journey to the top, don't go into the light, lolI'm saying in general people find ways to move around and abuse matchmaking systems in place those were examples showing the Supercell makes a matchmaking system and people find ways to use it to their advantage as done in the OP. I know trophies doesn't affect CW except for choosing if you or someone else gets into it with clans with a number not ending in 5 or 0.

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30th Jul 2014

That sounds about right everything I have been reading says the same

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